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The Prestige Tumbler
The Prestige Tumbler
Create an elevated drinking experience.
The DRYP Sleeve
The DRYP Sleeve
Your new favorite coffee statement piece.

As the world’s first high-end coffee drinkware brand, our mission is simple - to be the bridge that connects coffee and modern luxury and elevate the coffee experience to new heights.

We noticed that the “luxury” category was in every industry - cars, clothing, watches, jewelry, furniture, and even baby strollers. But when we looked for luxury drinkware, we came out empty-handed. That was enough of a reason for us to step up to the plate and provide a solution.

Every day, we’re inspired to bring you more than a product, something unique and meaningful, something that will help you become an improved version of yourself as you’re drinking your morning coffee and reaching new heights in life.



Traveling across the world, I witnessed and experienced the very lack of clean water in many parts of it. The human body is made of roughly 70% water; it’s the most important nutrient, yet so many people don’t have access to it.

Every day, I remember just how blessed we are. Clean water is just a regular part of our daily lives. Not to mention coffee, beer, wine, snacks, and good food. I feel it’s important not to take it all for granted.

Both of my parents are retired missionaries who devoted their lives to helping those in need. Giving and helping have always been in my DNA.

At DRYPLY, we believe in making a difference; leaving the world better than we found it; helping those that are in need the most.

It is upon these values that we have made the decision to partner with Blood:Water (, an organization that’s laser-focused on solving the clean water crisis across Africa. A portion of every sale will go directly to the Blood:Water projects. Let’s change the world together.


When we created DRYPLY, we wanted to bring coffee and modern luxury into the same conversation. So drip coffee and drip as in swag and style blended together in DRYPLY.

On the outside, we’re an upscale brand that creates elevated drinkware products and accessories. As you pull back the layers, we’re so much more than that. 

At the very core, we live by one simple idea: to elevate yourself. Mentally, physically, emotionally. Here’s the math: 1% better every day compounded over a year is an improvement of 3,800% - that’s 38x.

Next time you have that negative self-talk, just remember - if you zoom out and look at the bigger picture, small, incremental improvements in your life can compound immensely.

Who We’re Here For

DRYPLY is for those who push their boundaries day in and day out. We’re here for the go-getters – those who are driven to the core, those who refuse to give up through adversity.

Constantly on the go, caffeine running through their veins, seeking the newest in all things fashion and tech is just a part of their daily life.

We’re here for those who strive to elevate themselves and upgrade their lives. Every day, we’re inspired to create something special for the lovers of all things coffee and modern aesthetics. DRYP in finesse.

Luke Kim
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